Some of Wrist Art's jewelry collection

Wrist Art

Wrist Art is all about creating art.  Friends and the public showed us that there was a need for unique and handmade products.  My husband and I run the business (David and Susie Crace).  Selling at the Farmer’s Market allows us to meet fun people, have good exposure and sell in a great location.  All of our products are handmade, local, and we always have something new.  Selling at the farmer’s market or buying local helps build the local economy and helps us develop friends and business relationships.  You can always find something you need at the market.  There is a great atmosphere each week and we are enjoying people who shop with us week after week.  We hope in the future that the market will continue to grow and become a destination for downtown Fort Wayne.  We are honored to have the opportunity.
David and Susie Crace