I started Big Brick House Bakery because I had a desire to provide my family with food that I felt was healthier and better for them overall.  I then began expanding my business so I could offer those in the public the same healthy alternatives that I provided for my own family.  My husband Kevin is very supportive and helps with the business.  My daughter Bridjet is great for listening to ideas and offering suggestions.

I started working with and establishing the idea of a Farmer’s Market to help promote my business beyond the limitations of my own store and to give other artisans a venue to promote and sell their own products.  Now I do it to get feed back on my existing products and to see how well new product lines would be received by the customers.

I am a big believer in promoting local artisans and assisting others with their growth whenever I can. I love cooking, baking and experimenting with recipes, especially if it involves camping and cast iron.  It’s real, it’s fresh, it’s whole grain, it’s nutritious, it’s unique, and it’s original.  In addition, supporting and working with the farmer’s market helps the local economy grow.  It’s real food with a small green foot print.

Because of all these reasons, I am glad to volunteer and assist other artisans when my knowledge is useful.  That is why I continue to participate.