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Vendor Information (we are always taking applications)

Apply on-line

2015 Rules Revision 2

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mail payments to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market PO Box 10554 Fort Wayne, IN 46853
Make checks payable to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market (FWFM)

For being part of the FWFM you will have a page dedicated to you as a small business to describe yourself and your product. We encourage you share articles and your other internet locations to better direct customers to you  (see Vendors Tab and Website Submission form at bottom of this page) The Vendor Tab is the most visited section of our website, please utilize this free marketing section.  We are also working on making promotional videos of all of our year round market.  Including using our drone to accomplish a full veiw of your farm. 

A few things we use to evaluate the applying vendors for each market season: 

1 Product Uniqueness
2 Years with our market
 2a past attitude, attendance and communication
3 Do you vend with us year round
4 Attractive Display
5 Active Social Media
6 Active Internet Presence
7 Reputation
8 Years in Business

 Resources for vendors

Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

Fact Sheet on House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

Guidance on Indiana Farmers' Markets Inspection Requirements

Indiana State Department of Health Farmer's Markets/Value Added Foods

Gluten Free Labeling  Important!! Laws changed in 2013 protect yourself. 

Egg Sales

Application to sell Eggs in the state of Indiana

Labeling requirements in the state of Indiana

Farmers' Market information on Eggs

Website Submission form Directions for vendors