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Vendor Information (we are always taking applications)

Apply on-line and pay through PayPal -> https://ftwaynesfm.wufoo.com/forms/ft-waynes-farmers-market/

2015 Rules Revision 2

The following documents contain the rules along with different applications.  Each applicant should send us at least 3 forms:  Application(s), **Coming soon: Website Information Form** and **coming soon: Market Agenda (pricing)** along with a $5 application fee.  Please be sure to click and read the ** Coming soon** Summer & Fall 2013 Application and Rules Revision1 PDF**  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mail applications to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market PO Bo 10554 Fort Wayne, IN 46853
Make checks payable to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market (FWFM)

Website Information form: If you have never vended with the FWFM this will need to also be sent in.  For being part of the FWFM you will have now a page dedicated to you as a small business to describe yourself and your product.  **Coming soon**

Vendors may need to complete more then one of the following applications depending upon the nature of your business.

100% Grower: This is an application for an individual that grows produce. **Coming soon**

Agricultural Vendor: This is an application for a person who produces product from a farm venture; Honey, Wine, Maple syrup, Meats and eggs. **Coming soon**

Natural & Craft/Artisan: This is an application for the individual that makes natural products; soaps, lotions, dog bones, Etc., also for Craft or Art vendors.**Coming soon**

Food Vendor: This application is for home based individuals or certified commercial kitchen individuals  that make a food item for human consumption.**Coming soon**

Concession: is for an individual that wants to vend food that he makes/assembles on location only. **Coming soon**

Resources for vendors

Indiana State Department of Health Farmer's Markets/Value Added Foods

Website Listing Submission Directions for vendors

Website Listing Editor Directions for vendors

Directions and User Guide