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Vendor Information (we are always taking applications)

Apply on-line

2015 Rules Revision 2

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mail applications to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market PO Bo 10554 Fort Wayne, IN 46853
Make checks payable to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market (FWFM)

If you have never vended with the FWFM this will need to also be sent in.  For being part of the FWFM you will have now a page dedicated to you as a small business to describe yourself and your product. 

Vendors may need to complete more then one of the following applications depending upon the nature of your business.






Resources for vendors

Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309

Fact Sheet on House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

Guidance on Indiana Farmers' Markets Inspection Requirements

Indiana State Department of Health Farmer's Markets/Value Added Foods

Website Listing Submission Directions for vendors

Website Listing Editor Directions for vendors

Directions and User Guide