Silky on your skin Goat milk Soap and Lotion. With the help of my family, I hand milk our goats twice a day year round to supply fresh milk for our lotion and soap making. My soaps are all approx. 25% Goat milk. I make and maintain a line of unscented products, popular fragrance oils, and my signature essence oils products and herbal concoctions from herbs grown on our farm, or wild harvested. I also make Lip balms, herbal salves and concoctions, such as jewelweed stick and soap to combat poison ivy. My Bug Off essential oil soap and lotions, are sold from the U.P. of Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico bayou area, to Florida’s pan handle. As the sole proprietor and head farmer I make all the products a single batch at a time. Before I started making and selling Goat milk soaps and lotionsin 1995, I was selling fresh cut herbs from my 60 X 40 herb garden. While I am well versed in culinary uses of herbs, I focus more on skin health uses of herbs nowadays.

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goats milk soaps, goats milk lotions, lip balms, salves