We often hear that parking is difficult to find downtown and “I don’t come to the market because I don’t know where to park!”  Last week, we made the decision to close another section of Barr Street to expand the market, leaving even less parking available for customers.  Fret no more.  This map shows you available parking in the lots nearest to the markets.  Parking on street is available and is free on the weekends.  The city lot for Citizen’s Square with the cross bars off of Wayne Street is available for use on Saturday, as well as parking off of Berry Street in the History Center and the other side of Citizen’s Square.  All of the available parking that we know of is highlighted in blue to use on market days through September.  Thank you for bearing with us as we grow, expand, and add more vendors to our markets.  Happy local shopping, all!

Available parking for farmers market

Downtown parking with easy access to the YLNI Farmers Market as well as Ft. Wayne’s Farmers Market