Andorfer Acres West


Farm - Weekly Vendor

We are a small specialty cut flower farm in our 2nd season.  Previously we concentrated on veggies and pumpkins but flowers have our heart! Joseph is originally from Fort Wayne and I (Linda) am from Plymouth, Michigan, but we met in New York City, married there and lived there for over 25 years. We moved back to the midwest and our roots. Our small 2-acre farm has been in the Andorfer family since 1939, and across the road Joseph’s parent’s farm (which we lovingly call Andorfer Acres East) has been in the Andorfer family since 1882.  We are rehabbing our farm house, but true farmers that we are, most of our time and funds have gone into bringing our farm back into production. We are concentrating on specialty cut flowers, herbs and pumpkins. We are Certified Natural Growers, and members of The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. We love what we do and hope to make your day with all we grow.

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