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Regularly offering:

  • Elderberry kits and sauce

  • baked goods; cookies, muffins, scones, pancake mix kit

We provide clean eating to those not only seeking food for a special diet but are making a conscious effort to know what they are eating. Choosing our products brings peace of mind knowing they don't have egg, dairy, grains, gluten, peanuts, soy or sugar as an ingredient.

Our story:

Food allergies in some form or another have always been a part of our family and always a source of frustration. In our relentless pursuit of taking care of our four little one’s we learned how powerful food can be—to keep us healthy or make us sick. We are not experts. We don’t have medical degrees, or formal nutritional training. Heck we aren’t even chefs. But in our efforts to meet the needs of our family's allergies we have spent the last ten years learning, experimenting, and refining. We are passionate about food and families. We have learned from and been inspired by so many that we are now ready to pass on our own creations. We keep it simple, clean, and at a low cost. We know how hard and frustrating it can be so we want to make clean eating easy.

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Food - 2nd & 4th weekends

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