Benefits of Vending with FWFM

We have successfully grown each year and it’s a direct reflection of the commitment by our staff and vendors.  As vendors from around this area talk to each other and recommend us, this only has one result. We are bringing new business into Fort Wayne’s underserved market for fresh local foods.  

    Through the years community event organizers have counted on us to help them establish new farm markets, find vendors and provide insightful knowledge to help them find the path for their events. We want to see our vendors succeed and grow.  Growing the market isn’t about making money for us, rather supporting the vendor’s relationships and opening opportunities for them

    We want the vendors to eventually outgrow our market. Some have already started to branch off into retail spaces.  While they have done all of the work, we have been there to support.

    • Allows the vendors to use this as an advertising tool

    • Potentially opening up avenues for the vendors, as regular supplier to Parkview Field

    • Allows Fort Wayne to show support to the vendors at the market and sample the products.

  • Year round, budget friendly fees

  • Discounts through Greater Fort Wayne

  • Each vendor has their own page on our website to help gain exposure.

  • We work with first time applicants, to walk them through several processes to make sure they are personally and professionally ready.  

  • FWFM will assist to make sure vendors are product ready;  Packaging, Label and verbiage are key to a successful experience.

  • We inspect every farm, take pictures and promote them.

  • Under the “Join” tab, FWFM has found information for businesses to learn proper labeling, How To Sell at a Market, Insurance, Requirements, etc.

  • We will help walk you through different rules and regulations to help you, as a vendor gain a better understanding of the FDA, USDA, IRS and any other state or local agency their business jurisdiction falls under.

  • FWFM will assist vendors in building Facebook pages.

  • FWFM has made promotional videos and shared those with the community.

  • We can help vendors find commercial kitchens that suit their business needs.

  • FWFM joined Greater Fort Wayne in September 2018.  Full time vendors now have access to all the benefits of doing business in Fort Wayne. They list us as the parent company to receive reduced rates without the reduced impact for their business.

  • FWFM has negotiated with the national ServSafe organization for vendors to receive tests at discounted rates.

  • We insure that the market we build is not only customer friendly but also diverse in its product lines.  We achieve this by only having a few vendors in each category. For example we only have 2 or 3 vendors selling soap or jewelry.  

  • FWFM will help point vendors in the direction of Indiana Artisan and Indiana Grown to be given more opportunities and exposure across the state.

  • FWFM will help find grants to further production with our agricultural partners, Purdue and ISDA .

  • When we are notified of a class/seminars being given by our partners in the community, we notify the appropriate vendors.

  • FWFM continuously looks for opportunities to increase our vendors options on developing their business.