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Berry Hill Farm

…”Through farm market exposure we have seen our business grow to the point we can now support 2 households, plus several part time helpers. Market exposure has helped us build a viable wholesale business supplying local restaurants… We have traveled to some of the most well know markets and we can attest to the fact while smaller, it is among the best” Myron

Buffalo Chip Creations

…”It has gone beyond a simple farmers market, it has become a destination on Saturdays. The FWFM has become a successful year-round farmers market and fills a niche for both vendors and customers, many of whom come to shop every week. We are proud to be apart of this growing movement in Fort Wayne” Chip and Ralphie

Visit Fort Wayne

…”Ft. Wayne’s Farmers market incorporate an important aspect of our visitors interest, the term farmers market generates over 1000 per month of additional page views. FWFM fits our needs by providing a year round activity in this important market segment.” Dennis

Leigh Rowan and the vendors of Ft Wayne’s Farmer’s Market will play a critical role and have already had an impact in our planning for the Food Hall and Public Market. We plan to open the Food Hall and Public Market in the fall of 2021. As the only Northeast Indiana year ‘round market, Ft Wayne’s Farmer’s Market has proven to be a growing and well-managed operation. We are pleased to partner with Leigh and her team
— Electric Works, Jeff Kingsbury, Partner
Electric Works Oct 2021

Electric Works Oct 2021

Find your  happy place  !!

Find your happy place!!

I am so happy to see our farmers market growing and prospering. I love buying fresh produce for the week; it’s so much more flavorful than grocery store produce. Love that the market is pet friendly too (summer only), nice selection of healthy, homemade dog treats. The market is one of my happy places!
— Karen K

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“It is wonderful! We increased sales and now have repeat customers.……The market attracts a high quality shopper who is looking for quality unique goods and food. We have sold a higher percentage of high end merchandise at the Farmer's Market. It gives us a place to showcase new techniques and the ability to interact directly with our customers, something the internet is lacking. “ Warmly, Emily Simpson and Greg Duncan

Vendors join for a variety of reasons; launch a business, grow business, wholesale exposure, yr-round extended income, time efficiency impact, building community connections and most of all - fun.