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The Big Brick House Bakery & Pasta was started by Leigh, a young mother, who explored the process of commercial flour and decided to make a change. In 2004 she purchased a small electric stone mill, which began her adventure on true whole grain flour. The grains we selected are grown in the USA with integrity and whole milled to preserve the essential nutrients and robust flavors lost to industrial milling.  Starting with bread and soon expanded into pasta's

Long before Fort Wayne became a culinary destination, Big Brick House Bakery & Pasta pioneered an uncompromising passion for excellent food. Hand-crafted in small batches since 2007. Made with the highest quality ingredients, perfected techniques, and careful attention to detail, Big Brick House's Pasta has earned its reputation as the preferred pasta-maker food enthusiast.

Although production has dramatically increased in the last few years since owners Leigh Rowan launched what was a one-woman operation, production methods have remained virtually unchanged. Nothing is artificial. Ingredients are painstakingly selected and sourced. In the production kitchen, The current use of veggies, herbs and spices continue to impact the flavors or our pastas. "Simple, Savory and Spicy"

While Big Brick House Bakery & Pasta does enjoy far-reaching growth, it remains a company with deep roots in NE Indiana. Since 2007, it has proudly operated its business catering to small businesses and leading the way at local Farmers Markets. 

We opened our online retail to further reach more pasta loving customers, our pastas have been accepted into the Indiana Grown and Indiana Artisan program.

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