Hoffman Certified Organics-The Summer Market Crew

We are Ben and Don Hoffman and we are Hoffman Certified Organics. We specialize in 100% USDA Certified Organic Pasture Raised Chicken. It’s a mouthful, but it’s all important. We saw a gap in our local market for organic meat products that are raised as nature intended. As backyard chicken owners for most of our… Read More

Leigh and Kevin Rowan, owners of Big Brick House Bakery and Pasta

  I started Big Brick House Bakery because I had a desire to provide my family with food that I felt was healthier and better for them overall.  I then began expanding my business so I could offer those in the public the same healthy alternatives that I provided for my own family.  My husband… Read More

A variety of Guggisberg Cheeses

Clearspring Acres has participated in the Farmer’s Markets since 1995 and we like the idea of selling our various Guggisberg Cheese directly to the consumer.  We have found out that it’s a great way to connect to our local community and to get to know the customer on a first name basis.  We feel it’s… Read More

Some of Wrist Art's jewelry collection

Wrist Art Wrist Art is all about creating art.  Friends and the public showed us that there was a need for unique and handmade products.  My husband and I run the business (David and Susie Crace).  Selling at the Farmer’s Market allows us to meet fun people, have good exposure and sell in a great… Read More