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We care about what your family puts on the table

We care about what your family puts on the table

Peter Piper picked a peck of Pickled Peppers…

Peter Piper picked a peck of Pickled Peppers…

Josh’s Jungle is a small batch canning company and urban farm located in fort Wayne Indiana. We have been selling produce at farmers markets for 7 years now and selling canned goods for three. We specialize in growing rare and unique heirloom vegetables from around the world. We have been farming the plot we are on for two years now and plan to double our growing areas over the fall and winter for next year. 

We started canning five years ago because we had a ridiculous abundance of cucumbers and peppers one summer. After talking with a lot of farmers at the farmers markets we found they would just compost most of the excess produce they had leftover after the market. I offered to buy it and was given a wholesale price because most of it was bruised, over ripe, or just not pretty enough for the customer. This started to become an interesting dynamic giving me access to more produce than I knew what to do with. So we took my new found canning addiction and pursued what it would take to sell my canned goods to the public. 

The first year we created a buzz, the second year we created a demand that we couldn’t keep up with, and this year I quit my real job to try and keep up with the canning business. Now we partner with local farms full time for the canning business. The hope is to partner with more farms and help them glean fields at the end of the year and take on the ugly produce that is not marketable so we can continue to make something of value out of what would otherwise be waste. 

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