• If you are interested in becoming a vendor please look at the “Benefits of Vending” learn all of the great things that our organization does to assist you with your growth. Your stability now and in the future is vital to the areas financial stability.

  • Rules and Policies are located on the the “Vendor Resource” page

Demonstration Chef/Restaurant, 501c3 Nonprofit, Sponsor or Entertainment, Volunteer All other application”

1.) Are you a farmer, grower, artisan, or someone who makes a unique food?
2.) Is your product handmade, baked, or grown by you?
3.) Is your product created locally?
4.) Have you been to any of our markets to see if your product would add something unique?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Ft. Wayne’s Farmers Market might be the place for you!

Business Information
We need to know about you and your business!
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Business Address or Residence - Not published *
Business Address or Residence - Not published
If you have a more than one address for your operation, kitchen or garden
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Phone Number
If you are accepted the description you provide will go on your own web page on our website. This is key in marketing and gaining a customer following.
Any item that is added later in the season after the initial application, please see market staff for approval
Vendor Category *
Please read description and select only one If you are a: Demonstration Chef/Restaurant, 501c3 Nonprofit, Sponsor or Entertainment Please use the other application.
Which market would you like to attend?
market space requirements *
Select the one that best suits what you need.
Online Presence
Where can we find you?
Each application will be reviewed within 3 business days of receipt, Questions you have asked will be answered at that time.
Once accepted, I will provide liability insurance for participating in the FWFM. *
Liability insurance is needed for anyone selling a edible item or item that goes on to a person's body such as soap. Covers damages that may occur at Parkview Field or at the Barr Street location while operating as a business. This protects your family and it's financial stability. Please email with any questions
Once accepted, I have or I am willing to get a Retail Sales Certificate . *
Indiana State law states that any non food item will collect sales taxes. Also any food item deemed ready to eat also collects sales tax: IE if a customer is provided eating utensils or unsealed container of food it is deemed ready to eat.
I have read and agree to comply with the Ft. Wayne's Farmers Market Rules and Policies.
See Rules and policies under the "Join us Today" tab. This is not a contract for guaranteed entry into the Ft. Wayne's Farmers Market and that the Property Owners and Volunteer Market Staff must approve my application before I can participate in the Market. No substitutions of vendors or subletting is permitted.
I agree *

Please be prepared to submit a copy of:
business liability insurance,
state/local permits
retails sales certificate as required.
Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mail payments to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market PO Box 13392 Fort Wayne, IN 46868
Make checks payable to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market (FWFM)