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Natural: This is an application for the individual that makes natural products; soaps, lotions, dog bones, Etc. Food Vendor: This application is for home based individuals or certified commercial kitchen individuals that make a food item for human consumption. 100% Grower: All produce must be harvested within 100 miles of Ft. Wayne, IN. by the producer applying. Agricultural Vendor: This is an application for a person who produces product from a farm venture; Honey, Wine, Maple syrup, Meats and eggs. Craft/Artisan: Craft or Art vendors who make their items for resale. Not a wholesaler or distributor of products.
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I have read and agree to comply with the Ft. Wayne's Farmers Market Rules and Regulations. I understand its violations and sanctions, including ground for suspension and disqualification. I understand that this is not a contract for entry into the Market and that the Property Owners and Volunteer Market Staff must approve my application before I can participate in the Market. No substitutions or subletting without prior permission.
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Being a part of our market

For being part of the FWFM you will have a page dedicated to you as a small business to describe yourself and your product. We encourage you share articles and your other internet locations to better direct customers to you.

The Vendor Tab is the most visited section of our website, please utilize this free marketing section.  We are also working on making promotional videos of all of our year round market.  Including using our drone to accomplish a full view of your farm.

A few things we use to evaluate the applying vendors for each market season:

  • Product Uniqueness

  • Years with our market

    • past attitude, attendance and communication

  • Do you vend with us year round

  • Attractive Display

  • Active Social Media

  • Active Internet Presence

  • Reputation

  • Years in Business

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mail payments to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market PO Box 13392 Fort Wayne, IN 46868
Make checks payable to:
Ft. Wayne’s Farmers’ Market (FWFM)