Vendor Resources

If you are a current vendor or a potential vendor, here are some important resources for you to look through to get you started.  Please read through these as it is your responsibility as a business to comply with all State and Local laws, regulations, labeling, permits, etc.

Ready to Vend with FWFM?  These are our requirements and must haves!

FWFM 2018 Rules Rev. 5

Product Waiver

FWFM Hold Harmless Form

Needed Documentation– If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please read through this to get started!

External Resources

Home Based Vendors

Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

Additional Information for Home Based Vendors from the Department of Health 

Fact Sheet on House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

Indiana State Department of Health Farmer’s Markets/Value Added Foods

Food Safety

A Quick How to Guide for Food Safety

Animal Products

State Requirements by Market for Products of Animal Origin

Guidelines for FFM Farmers Market Establishment Permit

Labeling-Meats, Organics, Gluten Free, etc.

Labeling on Meat Products

Gluten Free Labeling  Important!! Laws changed in 2013 protect yourself.

Using Signs to Promote Organic

Who Can use the word Organic?

Organic Labeling

Organic Seal on Labels

Natural Products-Soaps

Labeling for Cosmetics and Soaps

Video Tutorial on Soap Labeling

Video Tutorial on Cosmetic Labeling

FAQ’s on Soaps

Information on Soaps and Lotions

Cosmetics and U.S. Law

21-CFR- Skin Protectants and Ingredients

Cosmetics Labeling

Egg Sales

Application to sell Eggs in the state of Indiana

Labeling requirements in the state of Indiana

Farmers’ Market information on Eggs

Selling Pet Treats in the State of Indiana

Who Needs to Be Licensed to Sell Pet Treats?

I want to make and sell pet treats. Now What?

Retail Sales Certificate and Tax Reporting Information

Filing for a BT-1

BT-1 Form

Sales Tax Bulletin

Sale of Food Tax Bulletin

MISC Links

Baked Goods containing CBD Oil

How to for New Vendors

Commercial Kitchens

Cookspring Fort Wayne-260-446-3226  or

Community Harvest Food Bank-John 260-447-3696 x322