At All Pure Products we have a true passion for farming, providing local and delicious food, and also educating the public on how their food is produced. In fact all through our maple syrup season we invite people to tour our operation and even help to make the syrup.
The owner is the third generation in his family to farm. He currently produces hay, straw, soybeans, corn, and syrup. He also has cows and goats. The woods used in the collection of sap from our syrup have sat on family property for generations. A few years ago we built a sugar shack that houses our evaporator and we work hard to ensure our standards of production are green. We are also certified organic. From tree to table we take care to make the syrup with these standards.
Our main focus for the market is our maple syrup and maples syrup products. We are also getting our feet wet with the production of honey and have some honey and honey products available.

Vendor Type: farm
maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream, honey, honey comb, whipped honey