Crossroads Kombucha

I am thankful that the FWFM provides people like me the opportunity to present our handmade items to the general public.  I like making things from wood, especially exotic and interesting wood.  Although I do make things from deer antlers, corncobs and acrylics.  I mainly offer unique ballpoint pens and pencils, bottle stoppers, letter openers, salt and pepper shakers along with some bowl turnings.  It is very gratifying to provide that special gift, either for yourself or a special fried.  Especially when they stop by and tell me how well they like them.  I have been making things and offering them at different juried art shows, craft fairs, and Farmer’s Markets for about 8 years.  I mainly do Roanoke and the Ft. Wayne area.  I have things literally all over the world.  I do not do on-line sales, I like the one on one contact with people.  I have been blessed with meeting many new people at each show.  I am scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from now thru next fall (2018).  Stop by and say “Hi Dave!”



Vendor Type: craft
Pens, letter opener, fountain pens, wood, bottle stopper