I brew high quality kombucha and jun tea. The majority of kombucha on the market is made from black tea and sugar. I use organic green teas and honey from the sweet life honey farm in Huntington. I brew the tea with more than just fruit. From turmeric to lavender to medicinal mushrooms, I utilize an array of the highest quality, herbs to add harmony, nutrition, and flavor. When I do use fruit, I try to use local and in season. I brew in small batches with careful attention to detail. This is not a job for me, it is my passion. The kombucha is the star of the business although I am expanding to include other types of ferments and medicinal herbal tinctures. The stuff I make is of very high quality. A lot of people who say they don’t like kombucha, love mine!

Vendor Type: food
kombucha, black tea, sugar, organic green tea, honey, herb, herbs, small batch