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  • Pork - pork ribs, pork shoulder roasts, pork tenderloin patties, old fashioned bacon, brats, Italians, Polish and breakfast sausage, ground pork, pork fresh side slabs for homemade bacon, pork butt roasts for smoking, fresh and smoked pork hocks, pork bones, pork liver, pork tongue,

  • Chicken - Inventory varies

  • Duck - Inventory varies

  • Whole cow grass fed ground beef, beef bones for bone broth, beef liver, beef heart, beef tongue, beef cube steak, beef brisket for smoking.

  • Duck and Chicken Eggs - Inventory varies

  • Whole Grain Heirloom Flours: including spelt, emmer, rye, hard and soft red winter wheat, and open pollinated corn meal (Inventory varies)

Our primary business is cleaning food grade grain for the organic food industry. The grain that doesn't make food grade is what is used to feed the pigs and chickens. We also produce grain on our own farm for grain customers and our own livestock. We grow hay on our farm to feed the horses and cows. We don't organically certify our premium meats because it would just make one more giant paperwork headache for us (the grain cleaning business being certified is paperwork headache enough) and would make it more expensive for our farm market customers.

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