Important: If at any time the links we have provide do not work on this page, please email us and provide the link description that failed. Unfortunately we use several government agencies websites to provide data to our vendors, if they make changes we lose the link. We will need to find a new link, we strive to keep current information for vendors. Thank you for your understanding and your assistance on this matter.

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Needed Documentation – If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please provide 1-4, remainder of page is dedicated to business/vendor resources to help you get ready for your busy season.

  1. Business Liability Insurance is required by all vendors, we can assist you in finding a variety of companies that have proven to be financially feasible for our vendors. If you need to further explanation or information please email us at

  2. Product Waiver - 10% of your product can come from another producer within a 100 mile radius

  3. FWFM Hold Harmless Form - Releases the FWFM, Parkview Field and the city of Fort Wayne from responsibility if a representative of your business or you get hurt at the market.

  4. Do you need a permit? Check these 2; Indiana Source and guide, If you do see #5

  5. Farm Market Permit we will need a copy for our records

How to for New Vendors - This is good for new and seasoned vendors


If you are a current vendor or a potential vendor, we have built one of the largest in depth resources pages for our vendors.  Please read through these as it is your responsibility as a business to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws on regulations, labeling, permits and etc. We are here to help if you have further questions:

Home Based Vendors:

  1. Guidance for Uniform Use of House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

  2. Additional Information for Home Based Vendors from the Department of Health 

  3. Fact Sheet on House Enrolled Act 1309 (Home Based Vendors)

  4. Indiana State Department of Health Farmer’s Markets/Value Added Foods

  5. We have negotiated with the national ServSafe for you to obtain your certificate at a reduced rate, please email us for further instructions.

    Items you can’t sell as a home based vendor: Salsa or anything involving tomatoes, Specific pies: Sugar Cream, Pumpkin or anything with a high moisture (milk & egg) content. Icing with a high milk content.

Food Safety

  1. A Quick How to Guide for Food Safety

  2. Sampling: Any food that is to be cooked and/or sampled at the market the individual must have a ServSafe Certificate and follow all state guidelines. We have negotiated with the national ServSafe for you to obtain your certificate, please email us for further instructions.

  3. On site serving of prepared food: There are 2 ways to serve prepared food at the Farm Market


    2. Are you a Retail Food Establishment? Qualifications and permits. To serve food at the farmers market you could also have an “annual food service permit” and “off site permit”.

Animal Products


Selling Pet Treats in the State of Indiana

Retail Sales Certificate and Tax Reporting Information

  • Filing for Retail Sales Certificate (BT-1 Form) - Businesses that sell non food items or are ready to eat food, are required to have this per Indiana State law.

  • Sales Tax Bulletin

  • Sale of Food Tax Bulletin - All food items sold with eating utensils provided by the seller. Eating utensils includes plates, knives, forks, spoons, glasses, cups, napkins, or straws (a plate does not include a container or packaging used to transport the food). Except as provided below, food shall be considered to be sold with eating utensils provided by the seller when utensils are given to the purchaser or made available for self-service by the purchaser on the seller’s premises.

MISC Links

Commercial Kitchens

  • Cookspring Fort Wayne-260-446-3226  or

  • Community Harvest Food Bank-John 260-447-3696 x322

  • Contact your local venues:

    • Legions/lodges

    • Churches

    • Fairgrounds

    • Other retail businesses with approved kitchens that would be willing to share space.

Ready to Vend?  Great, we’re ready to learn more about you!!