Indiana Grown

Helping Indiana farmers and producers have a greater market for their products.

  • Supporting Indiana processors in their effort to process more Indiana Grown products.

  • Educating consumers on the importance of buying Indiana Grown products.

  • Educating consumers on the importance of buying Indiana Grown products.

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Indiana Originals

At Indiana Originals, we bring together the innovators, idealists, community builders, and business owners that create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana. We exist to encourage a local preference and facilitate a greater use of local services, art, food, and more.

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Connecting markets and quality food sources.

Whether you are a producer looking to reach new markets; a buyer wanting to connect with local or specialty suppliers; or a consumer looking for goods and services in your area MarketMaker is a must-have resource.

MarketMaker is the largest and most in-depth database of its kind featuring a diverse community of food-related businesses: buyers, farmers/ranchers, fisheries, farmers markets, processors/packers, wineries, restaurants and more. MarketMaker provides simple yet powerful search tools to connect with others across the production and distribution chain.

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At Greater Fort Wayne, we value the thoughts and contributions of all people and understand that inclusion is critical to sustainable economic development. It is through our diverse culture that we can attract the best employees, empower our customers, and help our communities achieve great things.

If you are a regular vendors at the Ft. Wayne’s Farmers Market ask us about how to receive your business membership at a discount.

If you have know of a business or organization that works to further connections and opportunities to the regions businesses please contact us for consideration.