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I consider it a privilege to be able to offer my handmade items to the public, I have been doing this as a hobby since I retired about 9 years ago. I try to offer a SPECIAL GIFT for that SPECIAL PERSON. You’ll find items using deer antlers (“sheds”) when I can find them, corncobs from my bird feeder, varieties of wood that grows locally and imported. We offer pencils, fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. I have a large selection of bullet cartridge pens made from 50 cal. and 30.06 cal. shells. To round out my selection you may find that unique item you’ve been searching for, such as: bottle stoppers, seam rippers, letter openers, toothpick holders and salt and pepper shakers.

Stop by and say HI, like making new friends.

  • Rollerball pens, for that lefty in your life.

  • Fountain Pens

  • Letter openers

  • Lead Pencils

  • Wood Turnings

  • Bottle Stoppers

  • Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Artisan - 2nd & 4th weeks

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